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Wellness Herbs and other plants have been used for centuries for healing and promoting physical health and wellness. They don't alter the body's normal functions; they work with the body's normal, natural systems to improve it's own functioning. So results can be slower, but more lasting because they address causes as well as symptoms. milfoil

Herbaliz™ Wellness product claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

This section includes a variety of remedies for the minor irritations of life including bug bites, headaches, sunburn, backaches, stiff necks, cold sores, minor cuts or scrapes, and athlete's foot. Our Heavy Duty Healing Butter works like a charm on dry cracked skin. Baths are always a gentle and relaxing route to healing, using oil blends or bath teas. Finally, essential oil diffusions for physical health and the always useful lavender essential oil can reduce the impact of both kinds of bugs on your life!

Antibacterial Liquid Soap-antibacterial, soap, best, natural organic, simple, liquid, hands, triclosan-free, alcohol-free, kitchen, bathroom
Antibacterial Liquid Soap
Athlete's Foot Remedy-anti-fungal, foot fungus, nail fungus, feet, athletes foot, athlete's foot, foot care
Athlete's Foot Remedy
Backache Relief-back, ache, organic, natural, liniment, muscles, pain, paleo, remedy, relief, Alabama
Backache Relief
Bug Bite Relief-natural insect repellant, organic bug bite treatment, bitten, reduce swelling, anti-itch, itchy, itchiness, anti-inflammatory
Bug Bite Relief
Cold Sore Remedy-cold sore, herpes, remedy, organic, natural, sensitive skin, gentle
Cold Sore Remedy
Diffusions for Physical Health-deodorizer, plugin, room disinfectant, air cleaner, thieves oil, essential oils, cold flu prevention, aromatherapy, air freshener, oils for breathing
Diffusions for Physical Health
Essential Oil Blends for Baths-healing bath, shower, aromatherapy, bath oil, bath salt, detox bath, stress, relax, dry skin bath, aromatherapy
Essential Oil Blends for Baths
Headache Relief-headache remedy, herbal, natural, organic, homeopathic, migraine
Headache Relief
Healing Salve-first aid cream, antibiotic ointment, herbal salve for cuts and scrapes
Healing Salve
Heavy Duty Healing Butter-moisturizing, skin, creams, foot, feet, beauty, care, lotions, moisturizer, eczema, dry, elbows, diaper rash, cracks, peeling
Heavy Duty Healing Butter
Herbal Bath Tea-bath herbs, bath tea, herbal bath, healing, skin, softening, relaxing, sinus, anxiety, muscles, back, ache, pain, foot bath, foot care, feet
Herbal Bath Tea
Infused Oil - Arnica-arnica, best natural organic simple pure chemical-free oil, facial, body care product, skin care product, healing, wellness, herb-infused, paleo oil, ayurvedic oils, ayurveda, self massage, tattoo aftercare products, massage oil, bath and body products
Infused Oil - Arnica
Infused Oil - Calendula-facial oil, body, care, product, skin, healing, itchy, herb-infused, paleo, body oil, tattoo aftercare products, natural and organic tattoo aftercare products, massage oil, self massage, paleo oil, organic sunflower oil, calendula oil
Infused Oil - Calendula
Infused Oil - Comfrey-best natural organic facial oil, body, care product, skin, healing, herb-infused oil, paleo skin care product, paleo body oil, ayurveda, tattoo aftercare products, itchy skin, self massage, sunflower oil, comfrey
Infused Oil - Comfrey
Infused Oil - Plantain-best natural organic facial oil, itchy, body care product, skin, healing, herb-infused oil, ayurvedic oils, ayurveda, tattoo aftercare products, massage oil, self massage, paleo, sunflower oil, plantain
Infused Oil - Plantain
Organic Lavender Essential Oil-aromatherapy, stress relief, essential oil,  insect repellant, acne, bath, sunburn, deodorant, sleep aid, anxiety, air freshener
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Stiff Neck & Shoulder Rub-organic, remedy, natural, stiff neck, paleo, sore muscles, shoulders, liniment, aroma siez, aroma seiz, frozen
Stiff Neck & Shoulder Rub
Sunburn Relief-sunburn, sun, itchy, peeling skin, tan
Sunburn Relief
Travel Inhaler-essential oil inhaler, diffuser, purse size diffuser, nasal inhaler, aluminum, glass, blank, personal diffuser, aromatherapy inhaler
Travel Inhaler

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