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At Home Herbs and herbal oils can help around the house. The products you use around your home provide more opportunities to improve your health and well being by using herbs instead of synthetic chemicals.

This section includes a variety of soaps including antibacterial liquid soap, a very mild liquid soap and a glycerin bar soap. Traditional sachets, linen spray and white sage can be used for their effects on moths or on you! Lavender dryer sachets provide a subtle scent to laundry, and lavender essential oil does it all.

Antibacterial Liquid Soap-antibacterial, soap, best, natural organic, simple, liquid, hands, triclosan-free, alcohol-free, kitchen, bathroom
Antibacterial Liquid Soap
Foaming Hand Soap-no synthetic fragrances, no SLS. Made completely from botanical sources, the bottle cap makes the foam, not additives, foaming soap, hands, antibacterial, natural, organic, best, liquid, soft, chemical-free, non-toxic, triclosan
Foaming Hand Soap
Gardener's Hand Soap-gardening soap, hand soap, workmans soap, Lava, pumice soap, kitchen soap, nails, cuticles, ground in dirt
Gardener's Hand Soap
Hand Cream-organic, simple, hand, cream, paleo, care, skin, soft, lotion, Alabama, healing, anti-inflammatory, hands, gardening, arthritis, arnica
Hand Cream
Herbal Glycerin Soap-men, shaving soap, moisturizing soap, bar soap, aromatherapy soap, deodorant, facial cleanser, body wash, shower, face
Herbal Glycerin Soap
Lavender Dryer Sachet-dryer sachet, lavender, fabric softener, fabric conditioner, laundry, herbal
Lavender Dryer Sachet
Linen Spray-air freshener, plugin, aromatherapy, room scent, room fragrance, deodorizer, car fragrance, linen spray
Linen Spray
Liquid Soap-certified organic liquid soap, natural, liquid, body wash, triclosan free, best, chemical-free, non-toxic, hands
Liquid Soap
Organic Lavender Essential Oil-aromatherapy, stress relief, essential oil,  insect repellant, acne, bath, sunburn, deodorant, sleep aid, anxiety, air freshener
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Traditional Herbal Sachet-organic, natural, organic home, natural home, organic Alabama home, drawer sachet, closet sachet, paleo scent, car scenter
Traditional Herbal Sachet
White Sage-organic white sage, ceremonial white sage,smudging, smudge stick, sage for clearing, aromatherapy, deodorizer
White Sage

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