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Hair Care rosemaryWhat's in your shampoo? Read the labels! Hair care products can be among the most toxic body care products. Or they can be free of toxins but leave our hair weighed down with film or require us to wash without suds. Suds aren’t really needed we're told, but we’re not quite ready to go without. Herbaliz Shampoo won’t give you big suds (just enough) and won’t leave a heavy residue either.

Herbaliz™ safe and natural hair care products contain no toxic chemicals, and use certified organic herbs, plant oils and essential oils to help you have healthier scalp and hair.

This section contains shampoo, hair rinse for smoothing and detangling, hair and scalp oil treatment for deep conditioning, and a frizz tamer.

Baby Shampoo and Wash-organic baby shampoo and wash, natural, gentle, best, herbal hair care, healing, body wash, shower gel, bath, no more tears, sensitive, dry skin
Baby Shampoo and Wash
Dry Shampoo-dry shampoo, no poo, shampoo,
Dry Shampoo
Frizz Tamer-shiny hair, lustrous, smooth, Natural Organic Hair Care Products, frizz, hair oil, paleo hair care, reduce, frizzy, frizzies
Frizz Tamer
Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment-Natural Organic Hair Care Products, conditioner, hair oil, paleo hair care, healthy scalp, anti-dandruff, itchy
Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment
Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse-hair rinse, conditioner, organic natural, Natural Organic Hair Care Products, anti-dandruff, healthy scalp, shiny, smooth
Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse
Sampler  Hair Care - One Ounce Sizes-natural shampoo, lavender, yarrow, cedar, sage, geranium, organic shampoo, shampoo sample sizes, rosewood, ginger, normal, geranium, chamomile, woodsy, unscented, conditioner, detangler, frizz tamer, rinse
Sampler Hair Care - One Ounce Sizes
Sampler  Hair Care - Two Ounce Sizes-natural shampoo, natural and organic hair care products, cedar, sage, delicate, rosewood, ginger, normal, geranium, lavender, chamomile, woodsy, unscented, dandruff, reduce hair loss, hair rinse, detangler,
Sampler Hair Care - Two Ounce Sizes
Shampoo-natural, organic, hair care products, dandruff, shampoo, hair loss, SLS free, herbal, plant-based, sodium laureth sulfate free, sodium lauryl sulfate, shampoo without cocamide MEA, shampoo without chemicals, sulfate free shampoo, sodium myreth sulfate, cedar, sage, rosewood, ginger, normal, geranium, lavender, chamomile, woodsy, unscented

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