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Gift Giving Give a little something different this year ~ Herbaliz! Something that smells good. Something that feels good. Something indulgent (and practical too). Something they can use. Something that will last. Something good for them and easy for you.

Local customers can order gift baskets at any time and come by to pick them up. For those of you at a distance, the Herbaliz gift card is perfect. We can mail a physical card, or send an email.

Dream Pillow-natural sleep aids, remedies, aromatherapy, sleep inducing herbs, sleep inducers, babies, natural sleep products, elderly
Dream Pillow
Gift Baskets-
Gift Baskets
Gift Cards-gift cards, giftcards, herbal, birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, holiday
Gift Cards
Herbal Bath Soak-bath herbs, bath tea, herbal bath, healing bath, skin softening, sinus, relaxing, anxiety, feet, foot bath, foot care
Herbal Bath Soak
Sampler  Hair Care - One Ounce Sizes-natural shampoo, lavender, yarrow, cedar, sage, geranium, organic shampoo, shampoo sample sizes, rosewood, ginger, normal, geranium, chamomile, woodsy, unscented, conditioner, detangler, frizz tamer, rinse
Sampler Hair Care - One Ounce Sizes
Sampler  Hair Care - Two Ounce Sizes-natural shampoo, natural and organic hair care products, cedar, sage, delicate, rosewood, ginger, normal, geranium, lavender, chamomile, woodsy, unscented, dandruff, reduce hair loss, hair rinse, detangler,
Sampler Hair Care - Two Ounce Sizes
Sampler - Ayurvedic Foot Baths-ayurveda, ayurvedic, foot bath, pitta, vata, kapha, chakra, feet, foot care
Sampler - Ayurvedic Foot Baths
Soap Pocket Gift-gift, soap pocket, terrycloth washcloth face cloth
Soap Pocket Gift
Travel Inhaler-essential oil inhaler, diffuser, purse size diffuser, nasal inhaler, aluminum, glass, blank, personal diffuser, aromatherapy inhaler
Travel Inhaler

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