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Bath & Shower The bath (or shower) can provide one of the best opportunities for your body to drink in the benefits that plants have to offer. Herbaliz™ bath and body products contain ingredients that work for the benefit of your body. They contain no toxic chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, and no petroleum ingredients.

The oils we use will help your skin feel better and be healthier. Unlike synthetics, when botanical oils are absorbed into the body, both through the skin and by smell, they can help improve your body's physical health, boost your immune system and lift your spirits. This is both scientifically proven, and easy to prove to yourself! Herbal oils have positive side effects!

This section includes shower gel, salt scrub, hydrating glycerin soaps, long-lasting organic bath soaps, bath herbs, bath teas, essential oil bath blends, and an Herbaliz-approved exfoliating wash cloth. The salt scrub can also be used as bath salts, and the glycerin soaps are fabulous shaving soaps. No time for a tub bath? Bath Tea makes a simple, relaxing foot bath!

Ayate Wash Cloth-bath, shower, exfoliant, exfoliating, natural sponge, washcloth, cleanser, face, natural skincare, skin care, facial cleansing, feet, foot care
Ayate Wash Cloth
Essential Oil Blends for Baths-healing bath, shower, aromatherapy, bath oil, bath salt, detox bath, stress, relax, dry skin bath, aromatherapy
Essential Oil Blends for Baths
Foaming Hand Soap-no synthetic fragrances, no SLS. Made completely from botanical sources, the bottle cap makes the foam, not additives, foaming soap, hands, antibacterial, natural, organic, best, liquid, soft, chemical-free, non-toxic, triclosan
Foaming Hand Soap
Gardener's Hand Soap-gardening soap, hand soap, workmans soap, Lava, pumice soap, kitchen soap, nails, cuticles, ground in dirt
Gardener's Hand Soap
Herbal Bath Soak-bath herbs, bath tea, herbal bath, healing bath, skin softening, sinus, relaxing, anxiety, feet, foot bath, foot care
Herbal Bath Soak
Herbal Bath Tea-bath herbs, bath tea, herbal bath, healing, skin, softening, relaxing, sinus, anxiety, muscles, back, ache, pain, foot bath, foot care, feet
Herbal Bath Tea
Herbal Glycerin Soap-men, shaving soap, moisturizing soap, bar soap, aromatherapy soap, deodorant, facial cleanser, body wash, shower, face
Herbal Glycerin Soap
Herbal Silk Body Powder-natural, certified organic, pure, herbal, body powder, non-gmo, gluten free, foot powder, feet, deodorant, sweat, foot care, smelly feet
Herbal Silk Body Powder
Organic Bath Soap-organic bar soap, natural bath soap, shower, men, body wash, hand soap, acne, dry skin, problem skin, unscented, fragrance-free
Organic Bath Soap
Salt Scrub-salt glow, organic exfoliant, natural bath salts, moisturizing, fresh, stimulating, energizing, feet, foot care
Salt Scrub
Shower Gel-natural and organic shower gel, body wash, liquid soap, gentle, safe, nontoxic, skin care, body care
Shower Gel
Soap Pocket-terry cloth pouch for soap bath washcloth, exfoliate, face cloth
Soap Pocket
Soap Pocket Gift-gift, soap pocket, terrycloth washcloth face cloth
Soap Pocket Gift

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