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Foot Care Healing is at your feet! Foot baths and oils have been used for centuries for healing of all kinds. Maintaining healthy feet is important to your overall health and well being. frankincense

It's easy to forget about our feet, but they are not only deserving of care, they provide a tremendous opportunity for the whole body to benefit from healing herbs and oils. We don't have to eat or drink herbs to absorb the into our bodies (not all of them taste good). Feet have exceptional absorbent abilities and a relaxing foot bath or foot massage can bring the healing nature of herbs directly into your body through your skin. Check out the Ayurvedic Foot Baths. And Herbal Bath blends make great footbaths!

Use the Salt Scrub or Ayate Wash Cloth for exfoliating. Soften feet with Fabulous Foot Cream (or Heavy Duty Healing Butter if they're tough or cracked). Keep your athletic feet dry with Body Powder and Athlete's Foot at bay with our tea tree oil remedy. Toenails stay strong and happy with Healthy Nail Treatment.

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Abhyanga Massage Oils
Athlete's Foot Remedy-anti-fungal, foot fungus, nail fungus, feet, athletes foot, athlete's foot, foot care
Athlete's Foot Remedy
Ayate Wash Cloth-bath, shower, exfoliant, exfoliating, natural sponge, washcloth, cleanser, face, natural skincare, skin care, facial cleansing, feet, foot care
Ayate Wash Cloth
Fabulous Foot Cream-feet, foot, cracked skin, cracking, crack, dry skin, athletes foot, anti-fungal, softening, cream, lotion , foot care
Fabulous Foot Cream
Foot Baths - Ayurvedic-Ayurveda, Ayurvedic, foot bath, foot care, chakras, balance, pacifying, pitta, kapha, vata, feet
Foot Baths - Ayurvedic
Foot Spray-foot deodorant, smelly feet, odor eaters, stinky feet
Foot Spray
Healthy Nail Treatment-hand, hands, nails, fingernails, antifungal, cuticles, dry, cracking, hangnail, healthy, toenails, toe nail, feet, foot care
Healthy Nail Treatment
Heavy Duty Healing Butter-moisturizing, skin, creams, foot, feet, beauty, care, lotions, moisturizer, eczema, dry, elbows, diaper rash, cracks, peeling
Heavy Duty Healing Butter
Herbal Bath Soak-bath herbs, bath tea, herbal bath, healing bath, skin softening, sinus, relaxing, anxiety, feet, foot bath, foot care
Herbal Bath Soak
Herbal Bath Tea-bath herbs, bath tea, herbal bath, healing, skin, softening, relaxing, sinus, anxiety, muscles, back, ache, pain, foot bath, foot care, feet
Herbal Bath Tea
Herbal Silk Body Powder-natural, certified organic, pure, herbal, body powder, non-gmo, gluten free, foot powder, feet, deodorant, sweat, foot care, smelly feet
Herbal Silk Body Powder
Salt Scrub-salt glow, organic exfoliant, natural bath salts, moisturizing, fresh, stimulating, energizing, feet, foot care
Salt Scrub
Sampler - Ayurvedic Foot Baths-ayurveda, ayurvedic, foot bath, pitta, vata, kapha, chakra, feet, foot care
Sampler - Ayurvedic Foot Baths
Shea Butter-moisturizer, body cream, hair cream, dry skin, softening, cracked, itchy, moisturizing, karite butter, shea
Shea Butter

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