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Samplers lemon balm and chamomile By customer request we are beginning to put together sampler packs, so that you can try a variety of the products without a big investment. They also make excellent gifts. We are starting with hair care products, but will expand to include facial care and other combinations over time. Let us know what your perfect sample pack would be.
Sampler  Hair Care - One Ounce Sizes-natural shampoo, lavender, yarrow, cedar, sage, geranium, organic shampoo, shampoo sample sizes, rosewood, ginger, normal, geranium, chamomile, woodsy, unscented, conditioner, detangler, frizz tamer, rinse
Sampler Hair Care - One Ounce Sizes
Sampler  Hair Care - Two Ounce Sizes-natural shampoo, natural and organic hair care products, cedar, sage, delicate, rosewood, ginger, normal, geranium, lavender, chamomile, woodsy, unscented, dandruff, reduce hair loss, hair rinse, detangler,
Sampler Hair Care - Two Ounce Sizes
Sampler - Ayurvedic Foot Baths-ayurveda, ayurvedic, foot bath, pitta, vata, kapha, chakra, feet, foot care
Sampler - Ayurvedic Foot Baths

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