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Baby Care

Herbs and plant oils are perfect for baby care. They are gentle and work naturally with the baby's body to maintain and improve baby's health. We offer a gentle organic bath soap, baby shampoo and wash, baby powder and our Heal & Protect Baby Cream. Some moms have told us they like our Heavy Duty Healing Butter for baby bottoms even better.

Baby Powder-powder, natural, organic, pure, herbal baby products, safe, dry, non GMO, sensitive skin, soft, no talc
Baby Powder
Baby Shampoo and Wash-organic baby shampoo and wash, natural, gentle, best, herbal hair care, healing, body wash, shower gel, bath, no more tears, sensitive, dry skin
Baby Shampoo and Wash
Heal and Protect Baby Cream-natural diaper cream, diaper rash paste, diaper rashes cream, zinc diaper cream, grandma els diaper rash, diaper rash remedy
Heal and Protect Baby Cream
Heavy Duty Healing Butter-moisturizing, skin, creams, foot, feet, beauty, care, lotions, moisturizer, eczema, dry, elbows, diaper rash, cracks, peeling
Heavy Duty Healing Butter
Organic Bath Soap-organic bar soap, natural bath soap, shower, men, body wash, hand soap, acne, dry skin, problem skin, unscented, fragrance-free
Organic Bath Soap

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