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New products are often the result of customer requests or ideas. Occasionally new products come from a “lightbulb” moment we have here while making a product, working in the garden or reading a book. Every once in a while they arrive because we made a mistake that became a wonderful discovery.

However they come to be, we only add them to our list when we've tried them ourselves and believe them to be worth sharing. That means they will be natural products that we have tried ourselves, that don't contain toxic chemicals. You will be able to read the complete list of ingredients, and understand it. Check them out!

Ask for what you want. If we can do it we will, and you may just inspire our next new thing!

Gardener's Hand Soap-gardening soap, hand soap, workmans soap, Lava, pumice soap, kitchen soap, nails, cuticles, ground in dirt
Gardener's Hand Soap
Tooth Powder-herbal toothpaste, toothpaste without chemicals, non-toxic toothpaste, toothpaste without sls, natural toothpaste, oral care products, organic/natural teeth cleaning, breath freshness, oral hygiene
Tooth Powder
Travel Inhaler-essential oil inhaler, diffuser, purse size diffuser, nasal inhaler, aluminum, glass, blank, personal diffuser, aromatherapy inhaler
Travel Inhaler

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