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Natural body care that works - made from plants.Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. Look good AND feel better.

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What Herbaliz™ is all about

Producing small batches and using herbs and essential oils allows formulation of products without toxic chemicals. The result is products that work and can make you feel better.

Everything you put on your skin and everything you breathe is absorbed into your body and affects your health. Most cosmetic products contain synthetic additives that have negative side effects. We eat organic foods and avoid secondhand smoke, yet routinely apply toxic chemicals to our skin on a daily basis in the form of body care products.

With Herbaliz™ it's all good

Herbaliz products contain ingredients that work for the benefit of your body. They contain no toxic chemicals, no synthetic preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, no nanoparticles, no genetically modified organisms and no petroleum ingredients or fillers. As a result, you can use less to achieve results, feel better, save money, and send less packaging to the landfill. Our products have been tested only on people (ourselves, and obliging friends and relatives). We can feel confident testing on ourselves because we don't use harmful ingredients!

Herbal oils have positive side effects! The oils we use will help your skin feel better and be healthier. Unlike synthetics, when botanical oils are absorbed into the body, both through the skin and by smell, they can also help improve your body's physical health, boost your immune system and lift your spirits. This is both scientifically proven, and easy to prove to yourself!
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